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Arcade Stick Vs. Controller

Should I buy an arcade stick or not? The biggest dilemma all fighting game enthusiasts have. It all depends on which situation you are in! Let us talk about two specific situations that are most common for players around the world.

1) You have been playing your fighting game for a countless set of hours, and you start to realize that you don’t develop and your level stay exactly the same. At the same time, you realize that players that use an arcade stick tend to get more competitive and win more games.

2) You are new to the fighting game industry and learned that the arcade stick proves to be the most efficient for fighting games. You now thought that buying an arcade stick could give you a head start since you’ve never been used to a controller.

Let us now discuss the first situation. Getting good in a game requires immense patience and dedication. There are no shortcuts and cheats for striving perfection. Thinking that an arcade stick would grant you success in a game is definitely wrong. However, it is less wrong to think that your skill level will rise from using an arcade stick. An arcade stick won’t guarantee your development it is the time you put into it. It has been stated before that the arcade stick offers advantageous benefits compared to a DualShock controller. For example, it has all 8 buttons laid flat out going from left to right making it easier for you to press the buttons at the same time. The handle of an arcade stick also makes it easier for certain movements to be executed in different games (Tekken, Street Fighter, etc.). You might now get the feeling that an arcade stick is essential for fighting games, but they are not. Some pros made it to the competitive league with a controller and they stated that they just simply couldn’t get used to an arcade stick after playing with a controller for so long time. It all really comes up to adaptability. If you’re used to a controller and passionately wanting to switch to an arcade stick while hoping to develop skills, which is realistic if you’re willing to adapt yourself into the arcade stick. If you are going this way then we’d recommend you first to try it on starters stick like this: Mad Catz Street Fighter V or Mayflash Universal Arcade stick

Don’t have high expectations from the beginning when purchasing your first stick, it takes at least a month to adapt yourself to it.

We’ll now discuss the second situation here. If you’re a complete stranger to the console fighting game industry, then we’d suggest you get an arcade stick. The hardest part is to differentiate from a controller to an arcade stick. Fortunately, you don’t have any connection between the fighting game and the controller, so It is a lot easier for you to adapt yourself into an arcade stick from the very first beginning. An arcade stick is as mentioned before not essential for fighting games, and it offers small advantageous benefits, that would help you. Luckily these benefits especially benefit new players.We, therefore, recommend you to get a starters arcade stick since you still might not be interested in the fighting game industry: Mad Catz Street Fighter V or Mad Catz Street FighterThere are some exceptions, though if you truly about to devote your time to the game and play to strive for perfection, we recommend you to get more expensive arcade sticks: Qanba Q4 Q4RAF Black or Mad Catz Street Fighter V.

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