Best Arcade Sticks and Fight sticks 2017


  1. Very recommendable! Extremely user-friendly and satisfying. Although this guide focused a bit more on the basic sticks rather than the more expensive sticks. I would for example love to know more about Qanba Q3 or other bigger arcarde sticks. Also the Razor Arcade stick.

  2. Just want to add that the Mayflash F300 is also customisable and is compatible with Sanwa parts

    • Are you sure about this? And why would you ever do it? Like… Why pay for an inexpensive arcade stick yet pay for expensive arcade stick parts and sanwa parts? Why not just go with the expensive arcade stick then…

      • If you’ve never had a stick before, you might not want the initial £150 outlay of a more expensive stick. You might decide to pay £50 to see if you even like playing with a stick before upgrading it

      • For the people with the patience to do it, modding a stick to make it high end comes cheaper than buying a high end stick and is much more personalized. Instead of dropping $230 on the TE2+ I modded a Qanba Carbon. Not only is the function now comparable, it is in the colors I want and cost $100 less.

  3. I am looking for one on like the Xarcade or some two person arcade style sticks. NOT for fighting games, but for arcade games and two person play.

  4. What is the best solution for 4-way joystick games (donkey kong, pac-man)? Is there anything affordable? Thanks!

  5. If I’m just starting out, would it be wise if I were to get a high quality stick or should I keep it cheap?

    • It depends on the the stick some people would get Mayflash F300 as a starter but if you want to mod some of your sticks the Mayflash F300 is not a bad stick to mod from what I seen.

      • Let me rephrase that. Is getting a high end Hori RAP4 as a first stick a good idea or should I really consider getting a starter stick first?

        • My first stick was the standard Mad Catz for SFIV. I got it for $40-$50 and used it for a few months. I upgraded to a Qanba Q4RAF because it could be used for PS3 and 360. If you’re not too familiar with sticks, I wouldn’t get a real expensive one, and expensive depends on you.
          The Hori RAP4 isn’t too bad compared some other high end ones, but like the review says, the kuro buttons take some getting used to. If you really think you’re gonna stick to it and $150 isn’t rough on your budget, go for it. Otherwise, get a cheaper one, use it, make sure a stick is for you (some people really prefer fight pads), and upgrade later. Just my two cents.

    • if you’re intent on playing fighting games for a living/for an absurdly long time, like how I mained tekken 6 on ps3 for years on end, then you definitely want a higher durability stick, any stick under $150 is gonna be low durability, that’s just the way of it, it seems.

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