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The Best PS4 Stand Of All Time

PS4 Vertical Or Horizontal?

Firstly, let us first discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of having a PS4 stand, and more specifically the disadvantages of a vertical PS4 stand. The PS4 horizontal stand is your default stand, and it is not essential for you to have a PS4 vertical stand, otherwise Sony would have given you that extra feature in their package, so it is very optional. Keep it in horizontal style if you do not want the risk of someone knocking your PS4 down. A vertical stand will increase the chances of it falling. Also if you don’t feel completely safe turning an entire machine with moving parts upside down, even though the machine, in reality, wouldn’t take damage from this, it is just a preference. A reason for you to purchase a vertical stand is if you need the horizontal space. It also looks quite better design wise if you place a vertical stand next to a large television. However, these reasons are not the main reasons to purchase a vertical stand. Also, check out our guide on best gaming chairs.

Why Buy A Vertical PS4 Stand?

The main reason to buy a stand is their cooling fan and the convenience of the product. The PS4 vertical stand offers a great air flowing system all around the system, this will help to increase the PS4’s overall lifetime. Some PS4 vertical stands offer very convenient features. Features that will improve your room design-wise and extra accessories that come in very handy. These extras can include PS4 USB and HUB ports, DualShock charging station, controller thumb grips and same holsters. In this article, we will cover up the best PS4 stand of all time. By speaking about the best, we are focusing on the convenient extra features and the design of the Vertical PS4 stand.

5. Fosmon PS4 Console Vertical Stand

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The Fosmon stand is perhaps the most simple stand, and yet it is very useful. The stand is affordable by anyone and is recommended for anyone searching for a simple vertical PS4 stand. The Fosmon stand is perfectly designed to prevent overheating. It fits perfectly so that the airflow of the PS4 can reach into the small pockets of the stand and prevent overheat. Another exceptional feature of this build is that it doesn’t have any fans. You might wonder how that can be a good thing? In most cases, the fan will over freeze the PS4, especially when it is turned on during the main menu or games that require minor stress.

4. Supremery LED Series PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand

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The supremery LED PlayStation 4 vertical stand is a very simple yet astonishing stand. With its minimalistic LED blue light it is no longer just a simple PlayStation 4, but something a sight to be seen, especially when the lights are gone. At a very cheap price this vertical stand comes in very convenient. It has integrated 3 PS4 USB ports for additional PS4 accessories or if you have more controllers it is now possible to charge them all at once. Although it does not come with any chargers or integrated chargers. The shape of the stand is designed to prevent overturning the PS4 while having rubber feets at the bottom to ensure a non-slip and secure stand. There is also no need to worry about any scratches or marks on the desk since it comes with a matte surface.

3. PortableFun PS4 Fan Cooler and Vertical Stand

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For an inexpensive price of under 20$, you can buy the elegant portable PS4 vertical stand. Although it is not the most durable stands out there, it comes however very handy, especially comparing it to its price. The cooling fan in the stand is very compact making the PS4 stay at a perfect temperature. It comes with 3 Ports of PS4 USB and an independent power switch for power pavement. Conveniently, it has its own integrated cable management system, making the PS4’s cables invisible. Most importantly it comes with two integrated PS4 controller chargers, which comes definitely handy. Combining this feature with the three USB ports, you’ll never worry about uncharged PS4 controllers.

2. Kootek PS4 Vertical Stand

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The Kootek PS4 vertical stand is one of the best-selling PS4 stands of all time. However, it is not just a stand. It is an All-in-one product, it comes with a vertical stand, cooling fan, two dual shock charging station, PS4 USB and HUB ports and uniquely controller thumb grips for better control in certain games. The Kootek stand stays very put in place and promises a great quality product. The hold itself is also durable and provides tidiness to the room. The PS4 cooling fans are excellent quality, however, we recommend that you only leave it turned on once your PS4 is going through a lot of stress. Leaving the fan on for a long time while staying at the main menu can damage the PS4.

1. Nestsun 3 in 1 PS4 Vertical Stand

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The Nestsun is the best PS4 stand of all time when speaking about satisfactory. The quality of this product is outstanding and it makes you forget that it cost you 20$. The elegant design and sturdy stand accomplish the PS4 to look tall and proud next to its loyal companions.

This vertical stand comes with 3 PS4 HUB ports and game management system to storage up to 14 games. Most importantly the games stay in place compared to many other PS4 game stands. The Nestsun stand contains two cooling fans that are set to cool your PS4 to the perfect temperature. It has also its own integrated console charging port for two controllers. The stand itself is very sturdy and won’t fall if you accidentally bump into it. To finish it off, they included PS4 DualShock thumb grips, which comes in surprisingly handy in certain games.

We definitely recommend purchasing the Nestsun if you are into a vertical PS4 stand with coolers and a PS4 game stand.

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