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Was Fallout 4 Disappointing?

Anticipated gamers all over the world have been waiting for Fallout 4 release, and when it finally came out, it turned out to be so… cliché? It is no doubt that Fallout 4 had high hopes especially comparing it with previous games like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Unfortunately based on many opinions it wasn’t as good as the other games. The game in its current state is an excellent game with lots of content and spectacular details. Sadly it doesn’t live up to the Fallout franchise title. There is no question that many actually enjoyed the game and loved it, but for the hardcore Fallout fans, it turned out to be a massive disappointment. What exactly made the game so disappointment for the fans?


  1. The Dialogue system in Fallout 4 is a suspension of freedom of speech. In the previous Fallouts, we had a few options of what the protagonist was spitting out, but it was specific and we actually knew what we would say. We also felt an incredible anticipation, when awaiting the NPC response, since some of them were designed to be thrilling or hilarious. In the Fallout 4 version, we are simply forced to say: Yes, Ok, No or Sarcasm. This type of dialogue system is torture, it ruins the excitement and makes every single chat in Fallout 4 boring. The amount of control over the conversation is non-existent. Also, for some reason, the developers somehow thought that expressing sarcasm happens generally in a conversation, so they added it as an option in almost every conversation. Generally, the dialogue options are not interesting at all and you feel like skipping through them.
  2. Power suit and a minigun to begin with? Fallout players tend to have an adventurous excitement when starting a new game. We want to start all over with nothing to begin with and work our guts off to get awesome gear. Starting off first mission gathering a power armor and a powerful weapon kind of ruins the adventurous part of the game. 
  3. The dog or companions, in general, are aggravating. It might be a companion and an advantageous companion although at some point it is a burden. It triggers so many sensors and has so many glitches. Getting the dog at level 1 is an atrocious decision by the developers. It made everything effortless from the beginning since the dog will take down almost any enemy and it never literally dies. The developers thought a dog companion would lighten the mood of the players feeling lonely in the wasteland, but that was truly awry. We wanted to dive in the wasteland alone and all by ourselves.
  4. The sidequests are disappointingly boring and repetitive. Most of the sidequests just lack content. Some of them were undeniably entertaining and others just felt as if you’re forced to go through them in order to find something interesting in the quest. 
  5. The settlement building and the settlements are just Bethesda trying to be innovative, but yet failed. A waste of resources and time. The amount of time they put into it didn’t pay off and they could easily supply it somewhere else. The settlement building felt as if it was an arcade game from a mobile app, and it feels as if its Fallouts version of Farmville. Either you had to put a lot of effort to it, or you could simply ignore it and just remember that it was there for you as a feature. The feature is there, but it could clearly spend into other details of the game
  6. The main story is great and the subject of finding your own son is very appealing. The disappointing part was the execution of the story. The protagonist is set off to an adventurous mission to find his kidnapped son, but apparently he has a hundred other things to do first. The interest in the main story is vanishing at this point if we keep doing random unnecessary things. In Fallout 3/NV, we could relate to the characters because we develop a relation throughout the game. In Fallout 4 the father doesn’t really prioritize the son and is busy all the time, doing everything that doesn’t involve the son.  
  7. The countless glitches and  bugs. 
  8. Good or Evil? You don’t have the opportunity to be evil in this game. Why is this a problem? Possibilities is the answer. Games earn admiration for the amount possibilities and the custom made decisions. The freedom of choosing which side you’re on is sealed, you may only be a good guy resulting in degradation from the previous games.  
  9. Intelligence doesn’t influence the dialogues in the game. Even though it is a small fraction of the game, it is still somewhat noticeable. Fallout 3/NV used creativity to gather amusing intelligence options. Degrading to Fallout 4 they detached these options. 
  10. Improvements? The developers obviously didn’t put their time into more important details. They ignored most of the fans requests. Instead, they made small unnecessary changes that have no influence on the game. Like the pip-boy look or the animated perks and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes animation. These improvement doesn’t offer a lot to the game. These changes give us the reflection and illusion of a good game. 

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The dilemma when developing

Fallout 4 is a huge game and the developers target their audience carefully. When judging a game like Fallout 4, you should always think of it as if there are two types of audience.

We have the hardcore fans that has played the game since Fallout 2 and see development and improvement for each game. They look past the graphics and bugs since that doesn’t signify a Fallout game. These gamers will definitely notice the small details that differ from the other games, the gameplay differences, the concept, the possibilities, and opportunities. They will be critical and agitated about the changes. For these gamers, the game will certainly be a disappointment.

Then there are the casual gamers who has heard about Fallout but never actually gotten into it. They dive into the game with high expectations of graphic and amazing voice acting because that was what the Fallout hype was about. They won’t get disappointed over how the gameplay works and how it differs from the previous games since they have no clue of how the mechanics worked in the previous games. The casual gamers will most likely enjoy Fallout 4.

Everyone has their opinion and there are both hardcore Fallout fans and the casual gamers that enjoyed Fallout 4. Lastly, the community should know the difference between a bad game and a disappointing game. Fallout 4 might be a disappointing game, but it is far from being a bad game.

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