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How to make Skyrim fun again

Before finding games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then consider the fact that Skyrim is unique and precious at all costs, so do not judge the following games when comparing to this masterpiece. If you simply lost the mood for the game and trying to find games similar to it, consider our possibilities on how to make the game fun again, since Skyrim is, without a doubt, a true gem. There are two major possibilities you can try, in order to feel the joy of the game to a hundred percent.

a) Do you find the game too easy, even on the hardest difficulty levels? Then you should try going in as a pure mage, restricted to Destruction / Alteration / Conjuration. It’ll be punishing at first and very rewarding afterward. Alteration will give you protection in the absence of armor and provide some other useful spells while Destruction and conjuration will allow you to deal damage… but some tactical reflection will be required. There are tons of other fun and original builds out there to try.

b) The other possibility is that you start modding. Some disagree with this, but modding is essential if you play Skyrim for the time. Many doesn’t give modding a chance since it is not made by the developers but just regular people. Some of the people who made the mods actually got a job possibility at Bethesda Studios. If you decide to mod, look up some tutorials and we recommend modding with some serious mods and not those that makes the head of every character look like a potato. We recommend using perkus maximus, which reconfigures all the perk system, transforming them to beautiful and well-balanced perks that make a difference. You can also look these other mods: Skyrim UI, Immersive weapons, Immersive armor, Tamriel reload, Windcallers pass and Falskaar. These mods can simply be downloaded in:

c) Another possibility is entering the mind of a character and playing with its own ideals and boundaries is a great way to revive the game. Take your time, create a little backstory for your character (or a huge one), find a reason for the scars and warpaints they wear, and for why they got into the starting situation. Are you Dragonborn? Maybe not? Give your character some quirks, some views on life and death, try to get some sleep every night, have a lifestyle (where to sleep, what to eat, what to read or not, political views on the war and on things such as religion, vampirism, lycanthropy), don’t carry too much stuff. Self-imposed limitations and alternate starts mods are an awesome way to refresh the feel of the game. Don’t strife through all of the guilds, travel by foot or horse, eat regularly, pay a visit to the altar of your favored god or gods from time to time… the list is endless. And if you’re of the daring kind, having a “permanent death” / “Dead is dead” adventure is also worth the try. Simply try to make the game as realistic as possible.

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Understanding the concept of Skyrim

Before we can discuss which games that actually remind of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, we have to understand the concept of the game and how it is build up. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action role-playing open world video game. The main concept of the game is something non-competitive and the RPG genre with lots of interesting side quests and missions. The most interesting feature of The Elder Scrolls universe is that you are able to play the game over and over since you’ll always find something new to discover in the game. We will now show a comprehensive list of which games that actually remind the most of Skyrim.


Games like Skyrim

There are many things to consider before we can add a game to the list, It’s hard for us to know exactly what you are searching for. We will try our best to make it as precise as possible. What we are trying to say is that, in reality, Skyrim has so many things that might be interesting but knowing exactly what you found interesting is difficult. Is it the plot about being a Dragonborn? Is it about starting off with nothing and building your way up, or starting the game as a prisoner? We hope you get the fact that it is hard for us to exactly know what you are searching for, but we will try our best.

It is obvious that games from the other Elder Scrolls series come out as the closest games to Skyrim, so we won’t be adding those games to the list.



1. The Fallout Series (Fallout 3)

the fallout series

It comes as no surprise to people once they see the Fallout Series as one of the games that remind the most of Skyrim alike games. It also makes sense since it is from the same developers (Bethesda Studios). The main differences from these two games are that Fallout actually takes place in a world much like Earth in the near distant future. This simply means that your leveling-up process is not done by swords, hammers, blunt-weapon, archery and wizardry, it is done by destructive weapons like guns, lasers and so on. The leveling system and perk system are almost similar and how the side quests and general questing works almost the same.

The storyline of course differs but it works about the same. A difference is how the gameplay system goes from Role-playing style to First-person-shooter style. The last difference is that Fallout is usually filled with wasteland and a lot of cold colors are used, while in Skyrim warm colors dominate and the game is filled with the beauty of nature and animals. Most importantly the game offers the joy of being a wasteland hero or a wasteland rebel. So if you haven’t tried the Fallout series, then you should give it a shot, since they are games like Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls games.


2. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

the witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is highly considered to be one of the most related concepts compared to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is important for the PC-players to know that this game requires a lot better specifications than Skyrim. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a high-fantasy, RPG set in an open-world environment. The game has the same atmosphere as Skyrim and it offers almost the same multiple options as Skyrim. Although the game difficulty is higher, since the combat system requires more skills and better timing. The combat system is also slightly quicker and slightly more detailed. The game focuses on the Witchers who are powerful hunters, mainly it focuses on the witcher Geralt on his mission for a hunt.

The main differences between those two games are, that the world around you does NOT level up with time and experience. Many Skyrim players don’t know this, but the level of monsters and enemies around you in Skyrim increases for each level you gain. Notice how you reenter places in Skyrim, and they suddenly change armor and weapons? This world leveling is disabled in the Witcher 3, and you can suddenly meet an enemy 10 times your level in the very first beginning. Another difference is that the game cannot be experienced in first-person, but only in third-person due to how the combat system works. Other than that it is worth knowing that both Skyrim and The Witcher 3 measures the almost same scale and both has won Game of the Year awards.


3. Far Cry: Primal

far cry primal games like skyrim

The Far Cry 1-4 Series has almost nothing to do with Skyrim and the only similarities it has, is the fact that both of them are an open-world game. Suddenly Ubisoft releases Far Cry: Primal, which is actually a game like Skyrim, well not entirely but the concept of the gameplay and the outside world exploration perspectives are much alike. Far Cry: Primal is very different from its previous games due to the composition and the set of time. The events in Far Cry: Primal is set 12.000 years before the present, therefore, flints, axes, and other hand weapons are used in combat, which makes this specific game more similar to Skyrim than It’s younger brothers (Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4).

The main differences are that this game targets the animals of the game and how you tame them. Taming animals and having them as a companion is quite crucial in this game. Other than that this game has its spotlight on the realistic features of a human being living in 12.000 BC. The game also focuses a lot on a more strategic gameplay, like sneaking out of enemies and keeping yourself away from various dangers, since it is about surviving. Furthur more Far Cry Primal really wants to show you that crafting items and herring plants are a compelling fact of the game.


4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

games like skyrim dragon age

Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a gorgeous and massive world with a lot of interesting quests and monsters to experience. Unfortunately, the storyline doesn’t come near as good as Skyrim, and there are some bugs of the game that downgrades it a bit. Fortunately, the combat system raises the bar for the RPG games out there and the immense world to explore makes it even a better game. The level of exploration is about the same compared to Skyrim, there are so many things to explore and you can use countless hours to exploring it all. The leveling system and modifying system offers a great joy of customization for the player. Also the enchanting and abilities aspects of the games an amazingly well-done, since it offers a lot of variety to the game. Amazingly the game is pretty balanced and offers an immense challenge from time to time.

It is a bit obvious that the game is still different from Skyrim, but it has some similarities as well. For example, the fact that the game offers you to kill dragons, open-world, tons of content and a lot of possibilities. Generally, some of the images of Inquisition is considered a ‘games like Skyrim’ style.



5. Dark Souls Franchise

dark souls

Dark Souls is an action role-playing video game by FromSoftware. It is considered to be more a classical and way more traditional RPG game than Skyrim since Skyrim is more likely to be considered a modern type of RPG game. Dark Souls is for hardcore RPG gamers who likes a challenge, and by challenge, we really mean a challenge. The visuals are a lot different from Skyrim since the environment of this game is filled with darker colors.

There is no doubt that Dark Souls and Skyrim are two different open world RPGs. If you’re a hardcore gamer and you like difficult games (10x Skyrim) probably, then go for Dark Souls. But if you want a big open world that is more relaxing with lots of questing and various content, then stick with another game. Dark Souls requires immense patience and self-discipline since you’ll rely only on yourself and how quickly you learn from your mistakes. Once the basics of the game are adapted, the game will slowly be addicting, rewarding and challenging. Best of all the game always prevents you from blinking during battles.


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