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Gaming Chair Review: E-Blue Autoza Gaming

Product Description

If you are a hardcore gamer, chances are, you will be spending a lot of your time in your chair. So, it is important to have one that is both comfortable and functional. One of the best solutions to that is the E-Blue Auroza Gaming Chair. This product from E Blue is an amazing creation for all the gamers out there. The best advantage of this is its unique ergonomic design. Most racing series chairs take the style of a racing car seat, but this one is different. You can immediately notice the futuristic style of it. The backrest and seat have an awesome shape that will give the user better position on the chair. The curves are made ergonomically to match every body type. If you are excited with this chair, it would be the best if we will just take a closer look at this one of a kind gaming chair.

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Installation and Materials in the box

The packaging in this product is all you can ask for. The materials inside are wrapped in plastic and the small pieces are very organized. The box, however, is a little bit heavy because of its solid steel objects within. It will be delivered in a large box, so you have to get some help to carry the whole thing. In opening it, you should be careful yanking the top cover to avoid damaging the items.

Normally, gaming chair like this size is harder to assemble because of other accessories such as cords, wirings, etc. But, because this chair focuses on the pure convenience of everyone, you don’t have to worry about assembling anymore. It only has some minor nut and bolts. For a tech-savvy man, installing this chair could be very easy. It would take you about 15 to 20 minutes if you know what you are doing. However, if you don’t, with this kind of chair, it’s probably best if you just study the detailed instructions first.

But if you ever notice something wrong in the product during installation, there is also a one-year replacement warranty offered for the customers. For installation problems; any defects in the products, missing parts, as long as it is still covered under the warranty, you can contact the supplier for a replacement free of charge.

Features and Technical Details

Talking about ergonomics, this chair is one of the leading chairs in the market today that promotes ergonomic design. It is structured with perfect curves that match the contours of the body. This is to give extra comfort and posture improvement to the user. Now that we are talking about these features, we might as well talk about the backrest first. You can immediately notice how the backrest is quite hunched as if it is spooning you as you sit on it. It is long and wide enough to support a variety of body types.

Although there is not much difference between this chair and other famous gaming chairs in terms of backrest adjustability, the unique quality of this is the futuristic light at the back of the backrest. You can set the lights in four different modes. The light normally turns on when you sit on it. You can also set it with two lights which are red and blue. The blue light is turned on when no one is sitting on it. Then the red one turns on when you sit on it.

The seat is perfect to fix your sitting position. You can sink into the back of the seat so that you seat properly to improve your posture. The armrest is very useful to perform many functions. You can adjust it up and down. Then, depending on the angle of your arms, you can also rotate it 360 degrees.

As for the materials, it is made of solid steel, durable aluminum, strong plastic materials, high-quality foams, and comfortable PU leather cushion. The wheels are nylon castors that are very durable to carry heavy pressure in the seat. It has carefully embroidered letters and you can see how the stitches are very reliable to make your cushion last longer.

Pros of the Product

• It is durable with ergonomic design
• It has functional adjustable features such as the backrest, armrest, and seat height
• More comfortable with extra supports and cushion

Cons of the product

• It has limited load capacity
• The backrest is not that breathable
• The armrest can become faulty


A long session of intense gaming doesn’t have to be hardcore in causing body pains. You just have to find a gaming chair that will definite solve this typical gamer problem. One of the best-recommended products to help you with that is E-Blue Auroza Gaming Chair. With combined concept of ergonomics and cool design, you can be much guaranteed that back pain, sore butt, neck pain, and numb thighs are all just a thing of the past.

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