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Gaming Chair Review: IKEA MARKUS

Product Description

One of the qualities of the Best gaming chair is comfort and sometimes, affordability. Either way, it still depends on the preference of the users themselves. However, there is also a good gaming chair that has both these qualities. Whether it’s for your office, gaming, or your home, IKEA MARKUS Chair is perfect for you anywhere you want it to be. Comfortable and a little bit of versatility are the two best assets of this office/gaming chair. Also, if you are looking for something cheaper but can still give you the feeling of gaming chairs, this seat is just the thing for you. This product is very popular for those who just want a comfortable gaming chair but are on a budget. It is very minimalistic with a touch of a professional look. It has a very comfortable cushion of leather or padded fabric, and the backrest is perfect for your body shape and posture. With all these, it is better if we take a closer look at this amazing IKEA MARKUS Chair.

Installation and Materials in the Box

If you already bought one of this before, you have probably been shocked because it has too many nuts and bolts. Yes, the parts are all separated. So you have to figure out how to put them all together. This might be a problem for some who might get easily confused with many parts. But before you freak out, you must also know that the box also contains a user manual. The manual will teach you how to assemble the chair. It will also teach you some precautions and the necessary controls for adjustments in the height and tilt of the chair. It is simple. You can finish assembling the whole thing with at least less than 15 minutes. However, it is still better if you have someone to help you hold the big pieces while you are bolting them.

Features and Technical Detail

In every gaming chair, the major concern of the users is if it is comfortable. Indeed, it is a basic necessity of the gamers and office workers to have the pleasure of relaxing in their sits while doing their work. If you are not much of a hardcore gamer or a tech savvy, it is better if you just settle for this product. Although the design is very simple, your comfort is still guaranteed. Plus, the price is incredible!
Now, moving on to its features, let’s talk about the most important part, the comfort. For starters, the chair has this nice and firm minimalistic cushion like the ones that you see in an office. The backrest is the best part. It has a meshed material so that air can flow freely at your back. A built-in lumbar support can give your back extra relief. Plus, the adjustable recline is very useful when you need a quick nap or if you just want to relax after long hours of work. With this chair, back and neck pain because of long hours of sitting will become just a thing of the past. Considering the low cost, this chair is definitely a win-win situation for you.
Next, in line, we have the mobility and flexibility. The IKEA MARKUS Chair has multi-directional wheels that make it very convenient in the office. It is also very useful when you are fond of gliding through your workspace and even at your home. Then, you can also do a 360-degree turn in this chair! So basically, you wouldn’t have to turn your head whenever someone calls you from your back. It becomes very handy and proven to be very versatile as you use it over time. As for the flexibility, the IKEA MARKUS Chair has adjustable height seat, so it’s perfect whether you are short or tall. Another one is that it has adjustable and lockable tilt, which means that you can choose your preferred position in sitting to get your maximum comfort. This function is also for the increased stability and proper control of the chair. Ergonomic design is also an advantage that you can get if you buy this product. It means that the style of this particular chair is safe and convenient to use because of the materials and its practical design.

Pros of the Product

• Cheaper as compared to other office chairs, only £189.99 with free delivery
• Has 10-year warranty
• Has more flexible and mobility features
• Minimalistic design and an office style chair

Cons of the Product

• Has non-adjustable armrest
• Not a fan of carpets
• Have a very minimal adjustable features


Where else can you find this kind of chair? It’s cheaper but is more comfortable than other office/gaming chairs. Considering the price, the IKEA MARKUS Chair is definitely for everyone. Other concerns are not much of a big deal. Its qualities still depend if the chair fits on your preferences. The more important part is that there are always good features such as the 10-year warranty, comfy backrest design, and amazingly low cost.

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