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Gaming Chair Review: Merax Executive Swivel Office

Product Description

If you want to invest your money with a gaming chair, you must consider something more functional than other gaming chairs. Why not try Merax Executive Swivel Office/Gaming Chair This gaming and office chair is designed with a sports car seat look. While most gaming chairs might also look like that, the special part in this one is its additional footrest and thicker padding in lumbar and head support. Not just that. There are more features that you may not know until you try it. The ergonomic design of this particular chair is incredible. It’s as if the engineers who created this have spent years and years of research and study before coming up with such wonderful piece of furniture. Now, are you getting interested? Then, lets’ take a closer look at every detail of the Merax Executive Racing Series Swivel Office/Gaming Chair.

Installation and Materials in the Box

The box has some significant weight in it. The materials are well-organized inside. You can see four significant parts in the box: the backrest, the seat, the footrest, and the base. All other parts such as the cylinder, pillow strap, and wheels are all in the small box. You will also find a user manual in that box. It contains the easy step-by-step instructions in assembling and using the chair.
You don’t have to worry if you tend to be confused with this kind of thing because the user manual is very detailed. If you don’t know what you are doing, just refer to the manual and read the instructions carefully. If it’s still hard for you to put it all together, you can just contact the manufacturer as they are 24 hours available to give you some assistance in installation. If you are too confused with using tools, bolts, nuts, and screws, you must not worry because the box comes with the necessary tools for you to use. Normally, it would take you 15-20 minutes before you finish installing the whole thing.

Feature and Technical Details

Merax Executive Swivel Office/Gaming Chair is a one of a kind creation of Merax Company. It gives maximum comfort to the users while also giving them convenience in its functionality. The first thing you might have noticed in this chair is the cushioning. You may wonder why there seems to be too much padding in most parts of this chair. Well, that is only to provide the gamers or office workers extra comfort when they sit on this. This feature allows them to just sit there for hours without really feeling any back pain or sore butt.
Its shape also helps in posture improvement. The curve beside the seat keeps you in place in sitting position. You can see that the back part of the seat is a little bit curved downward. That is to let you sink in that part to place your butt perfectly to achieve better positioning. It offers large space for your butt and thighs. This is to make sure that you will not impede your blood circulation in your lower body while sitting. It has also extra padding as compared to other chairs.
Talking about the backrest, it can do a lot more than just being a comfortable chair for gaming. When you are not in front of your computer, you can use this to take a nap or just relax. It can tilt up to 180 degrees. Combine this feature to the footrest and you’ve got your own chair that can act as a bed. Now that is what you call pure comfort. Considering that this chair has an amazing ergonomic design, you can really just enjoy sitting on it as long as you want. Have you ever had long hours of an intense gaming session? Or have you ever had a very rough day at work? There is no problem to that. This chair is always ready to easy your tiring days because of the comfort and convenience it can bring.
It can swivel in as 360 degrees rotation. The wheels are very strong to support heavy pressure. The height adjustment is very easy to control. With all of these flexible functions, you can definitely be ensured that this chair is worth every penny you’ve spent.

Pros of the Product

• Well-crafted ergonomic design
• Additional comfort because of footrest and thick paddings
• Very functional backrest with excellent lumbar and head support

Cons of the Product

• The headrest is not that adjustable
• Footrest can block your legs when reaching the base while playing
• The armrest is not adjustable


Gamers are not always in front of the computer. There are times that you just like to sit on a comfortable chair, breath calmly, relaxes, and probably have a nap after long stressful hours of work or gaming. That is the main purpose of this particular chair. Comfort is its best asset. The ergonomic design is perfectly suited for relaxing. The materials are sturdy and durable that can last longer than the average chairs. With the Merax Executive Swivel Office/Gaming Chair, you can’t really ask for more. This chair is the perfect package.

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