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Gaming Chair Review: SAYL By Herman Miller

Product Description

The office/gaming chairs are designed to give people comfort and a sense of elegance, a feeling of being professional. If we will talk about those kinds of qualities, it is almost impossible to not regard yourself as someone who is important whenever you sit on this particular chair. It’s like having the executive position in a company. Without further ado, the chair that has been a crowd favorite for a long time, the SAYL Chair by Herman Miller. If you ask anyone who knows a lot about executive chairs, they’ll know that it is a work of art. That is the simplest definition of this chair. There is also the famous statement “Do more with less,” which made it more popular than other office chairs. The creators of this chair thought how to have a comfortable and strong chair by using lesser materials than other chairs. Now, they’ve done it. Well, what can you expect from a company, particularly Herman Miller, that has been in the business for almost 90 years? So, to break down every detail, let’s take a closer look at this stunning chair, the SAYL Chair by Herman Miller.

Installation and Materials in the Box

The structure of the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the famous concept of the creators of the SAYL Chair. However, it is quite ironic that the chair is made by a genius engineer that demands a complicated set of skills to literally make a chair out of a bridge, yet in terms of assembling the whole thing, you don’t need a single tool to do it. You can set it up with less than a minute or so. There are only three pieces in the box. You must only attach the base to the seat. Then, you can put the armrests after. Don’t worry about the integrity of the structure because there are built-in safety locks as you put each piece together.

Features and Technical Details

If you are looking for uniqueness, you will find it here. If you are looking for better aesthetic, style, comfort, strength, and even an eco-friendly chair, then, this chair is exactly for you. You can choose from a variety of style and upgrades like lumbar supports and other adjustable parts. But first, let’s talk about the structure of this chair.
The SAYL Chair by Herman Miller is a model made not like any other. As you might observe, it has a unique backrest. You can immediately notice the distinctive Y tower at the back, which is for a more efficient support. Then, there’s the meshed rubbery material for your back. So instead of having fabric or leather padding for the comfort of your back, the mesh is found out to be more effective than those because it is smooth and malleable. You can really feel how it bounces at your back when you lean on it. This helps you relax because of ventilation, and it also lessens the tension at your back. The need for a frame for the backrest is no more. You wouldn’t have to worry about hard edges and unnecessary humps at the backrest or if it fits the shape of your body. The ergonomic design of the backrest of the SAYL Chair would fit any body type. Flexibility is the key factor here. It adapts to whatever body shape is leaning on it. So if you are worrying if a chair will not fit your body type, it is best if you’ll just stick with SAYL Chair by Herman Miller.

Next, we have the support and the suspension system. Like the structure of the bridge, this chair has adapted the concept of having a strong support system with an efficient suspension. The Y tower is not only for style, there is also a particular purpose why it is made to look like that. This is to imitate the curvature of the human spine. It will adjust accordingly to the person who is using it. It also helps in the suspension and tilt that you need whenever you want to lean and relax.
The design of this chair is thoroughly thought about. For years of trial and error method of experimenting, they had finally done it. With lesser materials, they still found a way not to compromise the integrity of the structure. In fact, because of careful studies and a vast collaboration of knowledge of the engineers of this chair, it could be more reliable when it comes to strength and durability as compared to other chairs.

Pros of the Product

• The ergonomic design makes it distinctively efficient
• It is upgradable. You can have additional lumbar support, adjustable armrests, seat height, and backrest recline.
• It has the best mesh type backrest that improves posture.

Cons of the Product

• Without the upgrade, the armrest, and the seat height is non-adjustable.
• There is a certain limit on the recline


Where would you entrust your house? Just like building a strong bridge, of course, you would let the engineers handle it. How can you ask for more? The SAYL Chair by Herman Miller has it all. From comfort to style, this stunning chair is your partner through success. If you’re still in doubt, why not try it yourself. Besides, it’s only $499.00 with free shipping. If you want the Best gaming chair or just for your office, this is perfect for you.

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  • Hankworth McGillicutty

    Seat DEPTH is non-adjustable without an upgrade, not seat height.

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