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Gaming Chair Review: Steelcase Gesture

Product Description

When it comes to choosing the right chair for you, you must consider the qualities of a well-crafted piece of engineering just like some of the best gaming chair. It means that the chair must be strong, comfortable, and versatile altogether. With this, it is just fair if we take a look at the Steelcase Gesture chair. This particular product is one of the leading competitors of high-end office/gaming chair in the market today. It has a classy look with strong and durable materials. Plus, its design is very minimalistic. As they say, simplicity is a beauty. This theme has been the guiding principle in making this piece of furniture. However, you must not be deceived by the looks because it can do a lot more than just being a professional looking executive chair. To explain this, it’s better if we study every detail that the Steelcase Gesture chair has to offer.

Installation and Materials

The product is already assembled when it is delivered. The only problem that you have to worry about is that the box is large and heavy. So you probably have to get someone to help you carry the box. Then, the only parts that you have to attach are the wheels – not a big deal. Expect that the chair is wrapped in a plastic, so you must get the product outside the box so that you can easily take the chair out of the plastic. So that’s it. No installation hassles, no tools needed, no parts confusion, no time wasted, just a brilliantly assembled chair.

Features and Technical Details

First, we need to talk about the feature of this chair that improves your posture. The majority of the office/gaming chair in the market today doesn’t always consider this particular concern. While technology advances such as computers, comfortable chairs are continuously being developed to satisfy the needs of the people. However, that is not always the case. Having smooth and soft cushion is not always enough. The same is true when the chair has meshed or fabric type backrest. Fixing or maintaining your posture is as important as any special cushion or backrest type. Having this said, we must note that the Steelcase Gesture is a solution to satisfy these inadequacies. It could be perfect for the people who are having troubles about their posture.
Steelcase has conducted studies globally about the relationship of the advancement of technology and the development of new unhealthy postures which remains unsupported by the office chairs. They findings in that study were used to engineer a chair that would provide a support and a maximum comfort to a variety of consumers in a range of different postures. To fully understand this, we have to discuss the three interfaces in this chair: the core, the limb, and the seat.
A unique part, we have to talk about the limbs of this chair. The most vital adjustable part in this chair is the armrest. It is called the Gesture 360 Arm because it moves like the human arm. It can support you in any position. Most of the people don’t only use this chair when they are front of their computer. The chair is very versatile because the armrest can be adjusted individually in almost all directions. So, if you have a weird position when doing something to boost your performance, the Gesture 360 Arm can still support your posture. You can pull it higher and lower, swivel it left and right, then forward or backward.
Next part is about the core interface. It has a core equalizer that supports a range of body posture. It is powered by a torsional spring that adjusts to the chair angle to provide more lumbar support in the upright posture, and a less lumbar support in a deep recline. There is also a lever knob that controls and locks the tilt of the backrest.
Finally, we have the seat interface. It has an adjustable seat height and depth. The control and lock lever knob are located just below the seat. The cushion of the seat up to the backrest is a fabric which is very soft and comfortable. Adaptive bolstering is also applied in this chair. Air pockets are carefully placed under the foam of the seat to give the users more support and comfort.

Pros of the Product

• Promotes posture support unlike any other chairs
• Has a versatile three interface design which helps the user in a variety of ways
• Has fully adjustable features and control levers
• Very minimalistic in design avoiding the over-the-top look of executive chairs
• It comes in variety of colors

Cons of the Product

• Too expensive for some consumers
• Doesn’t have a headrest; not suitable for taller people


The Steelcase Gesture office/gaming chair supports your posture with its unique ergonomic design. If you consider how this amazing chair can enhance your working performance, you probably won’t notice the price anymore.With its qualities, we can say that the design is compatible with any work environment especially in the office. The best gaming chair or office chairs must give maximum comfort and support to the users, and this chair made just that.

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