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Gaming Chair Review: The Ergo Human

Product Description

People vary in preference. Not only that, they also vary in body type and structure. Furthermore, the office or house demands different set up of furniture on different situations. This is what the Ergo Human is special about. When they made this chair, they considered this issue. If you are too tall, some office/gaming chair might not fit for you. If your table is too high or too low, the armrest might become useless. Often times, backrest including the headrest and lumbar support are not that comfortable because they don’t fit your body. These are the usual concerns about the office chairs. Now, thankfully, there is already a chair that would make all those problems just a thing of the past. Are you looking for a chair that has almost all the good features of the best gaming chair but still has adjustable parts? You are in luck because the Ergo Human chair is just the thing for you. Enough talk, let’s just see how really versatile this chair is.

Installation and Materials in the Box

When it comes to assembling an Ergo Human, it might take you a little bit of effort and time. It is actually a complicated task to set up this chair. When you take the parts out of the box, you must take your time to unwrap each part first before you proceed on planning the installation. You must also find the user manual and the toolkit that you’ll use in the installation. It is best if you carefully read the instructions first before anything else. Now, in assembling this chair, you have to start it at the bottom just like any other office chairs. You must put the wheels in place at the base of the chair. After you put it all, push the base against the wheels to secure that they are properly seated. You have to put the cylinder in the middle after that. Then, you have to put the seat at the top of the cylinder. In putting the armrest, that is when you get to use the toolkit. Be sure to read the labels of the tools before using them. After that, you can now put the backrest. You only need to secure the two screws to connect the seat and the backrest. This is much easier than putting the armrest. So that’s it. Just note that because some parts are heavy, you probably have to get someone to help you.

Features and Technical Details

Versatility is the best feature of this chair. You can do a lot when you have adjustable parts because you wouldn’t have to worry if the chair fits you or not. You just have to adjust the parts that don’t. Also, if the situation asks for the adjustment of your chair, you can easily do it. One example is when the armrest is too low for your arms to rest on it because the table is too high. Then, if the lumbar support is too humped for your back, you adjust it, unlike other chairs.
Now, let’s start with the backrest. Many consumers often complain about the backrest. Because this is the most important part of the chair, it sucks if it doesn’t fit your back perfectly. One common problem is when the user is too tall or too short for them to use the headrest. If you experience this too, you have to try the Ergo Human chair. It has an adjustable headrest and the entire backrest itself. Then again, the lumbar support is also adjustable to suit your preference. The recline feature is also incredible because it is adjustable and lockable. So if you have to stand up or lean forward, the backrest will remain how you adjusted it.
The adjustable armrest and sliding seat of the chair are next. This is very important because there are people who complain about this a lot. Their work usually requires their armrest and seat to adjust especially when they are working with a computer. Their armrest usually becomes useless because their arms can’t rest on it when the table is high. Another is when the front of a table blocks the armrest. So you have to lean your body forward rather than your chair because it’s blocked. If you have experienced these kinds of problems, the Ergo Human chair is perfect for you.

Pros of the Product

• Other adjustable features also include tilt tension control, sync tilt, seat height and depth, pivoting arms, etc.
• The meshed backrest is more comfortable.
• It has durable and strong materials.

Cons of the Product

• Pricey as compared to other chairs ($636.00 with free shipping)
• Might be complicated for some because of adjustable features
• May develop squeaky noises


How can you make sure that you are buying a chair that suits your body type and size? The answer is to choose a chair with versatile adjustable features. Besides, that is one of the qualities of the best gaming chair. Comfort and convenience still remain more important. With the qualities of Ergo Human office/gaming chair, those are definitely guaranteed.

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