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Gaming Chair Review: DXRacer DOH/RE0 Gaming Chair

Product Description

For the people who have a lifestyle of a hardcore gamer, having the best gaming chair could also mean victory in every game that they play. You don’t want to lose a game just because your chair is not comfortable enough. With this said, it is highly recommended that you must choose a gaming chair that can really improve your performance. The question is how can you find a chair that has all the good qualities of a gaming chair? Well, it’s probably the best if we just set an example.
The DXRacer Racing Series Chair is one of the leading gaming chairs in the market today. From the design of a sports car alone, you could immediately tell that this piece of furniture is well crafted and engineered for the real gamers. This model is the larger version of the best-selling Formula Series chairs. If you still don’t get the point, it’s probably the best if we’ll just take a closer look at every detail of this badass chair.

Installation and Materials in the Box

The box has a significant weight because of the metal materials. At the top of the box, you should see a precaution about avoiding the use of sharp tools to cut the tape. This is to prevent you from damaging the pieces inside. So you have to be careful about that. Expect that each piece has a protective Styrofoam wrap and plastics. You have to be patient in separating those from each piece before you proceed to the assembling phase. Then, after you take out the pieces from the box, you must find the instructions and the tool kit. You can normally find those at bottom of the pieces in the box. Also, don’t be confused about the plastic parts. These are the protective coverings of the metals so that they will not be exposed.
Now, moving on to the installation, you must know first that the bolts are in the preassembled parts already. So you have to unscrew them first before you attach the parts together. You might want to start attaching the headrest and the seat first. Then, at the bottom of the seat, you must put the control unit. The wheels must be installed in the base part first before you put the cylinder at the middle. You won’t need any tools to do that, just enough push will do. Don’t forget the plastic covering of the cylinder when you finally join the cylinder and the seat. Lastly, you must put the protective plastics at the side of the headrest. The pillows such as headrest and the lumbar support recommended being attached to have a maximum comfort and posture support.

Features and Technical Details

First thing’s first. We have to talk about the ergonomic design of the DXRacer Racing Series Chair. It has a unique quality because of its size and style. Because of its size, it is compatible with a range of users varying in weight and height. It has a tall backrest. So you don’t have to worry if your head could be supported or not. Then, the seat offers a large space so that you can cross your legs when you want. Also, it can support your legs to avoid them from numbing when you sit for a long period of time. Aside from the space of this chair, the style is also incredible. There is a variety of colors to choose from. Just like the seat of a race car, this seat is also leather but very comfortable because of the soft and smooth cushion.
It has inside stitches. So you won’t have to worry about the leather being ripped. Now, if you can notice the curves in this chair, they are actually for the posture support. The seat and backrest have these special curves that imitate the shape of the body to fit any body type. The curve of the seat at the middle helps you to stay in place for better positioning in the seat itself. Moving on the pillows, it’s highly recommended if you use them in maintaining an upright posture. They are adjustable. So it depends on your preference on how you will place them at your back.
Next, we have the adjustable features. The armrest of this chair has an individually adjustable height. This is very helpful when you are doing something that requires your hands to rest in different positions. Then, we have the seat heat. The control lever of the seat height is very accessible just at the bottom of the seat. Also, the tilt control that is very flexible could be found at the bottom of the seat. You can angle the backrest to almost a horizontal angle or an approximate of 170 degrees. This is very helpful if you want to relax or literally lay down on your seat.

Pros of the Product

• Made off strong solid metals and plastics
• The tilt is very flexible
• Ergonomic design helps support posture
• Classy look of a sports car

Cons of the product

• A bit pricey than other office chairs ($349 plus free shipping fee)
• Armrest adjustable could be faulty sometimes


So now that you know how a gaming chair should be, you might also want to try the product yourself. It is a great investment for your work especially when it involves a lot of time in front of the computer. To sum it up, the DXRacer Racing Series Chair is classy, comfy, and more importantly, it is more strong and durable because of solid and compact materials in this chair.

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