League Of Legends Universal Ranked Tips

TIP #1:

STOP thinking that watching LCS or worlds makes you better at League of Legends! Does watching soccer make you better at soccer? Sure you can learn some awesome skill shots and some tricks, but that is seriously all. The tactics and strategies they use in worlds or LCS are related to team 5v5 games against specific competitive players.

TIP #2:

STOP buying expensive gaming gear in order to get better. An amazing keyboard with 520 extra buttons and some LED neon light, won’t magically make you better. All you need is a computer with a stable 50-60 FPS, and a Logitech mouse for 8 $. For some players, it can help to get a mouse with two buttons aside, but that is not the reason why you are stuck in Elo hell. Stop blaming your gear.

league of legends tips

TIP #3:

STOP searching for item builds for the specific champion. Item builds are ALWAYS situational, you shouldn’t go for the same build every single game. Build your item depending on the enemy team, that is always how you build items.

TIP #4:

Let us face it guys, The LoL community is probably one of the worst communities out there. Chatting in League of Legends is the most useless and time-wasting feature ever (unless you’ve had sex with other dudes mom, then go ahead and tell them), no seriously disable the time-consuming box or simply make it tiny (Esc > Interface > Chat).

TIP #5:

There is no such thing as counter-picking. It is and always will be a bad idea to pick a champion that you’re less experienced, with but has better chances against the enemy top-laner, than your main top-laner. Always pick your best champion and learn to play against the champions that are strong against you, in that way no one can really counter you.

TIP #6:

If you consider gaining serious Elo, then master every single spell of every single champion. Their passive, abilities and ultimates. You also have to learn how the skill shot work and how difficult it is to hit a player with a certain type of spell. It is crucial for you once you enter a game to know the EXACT values of the enemy champion spells. For instance Cassiopeia poison damage over time, that way you can time your heals and flashes correctly.

TIP #7:

As a general rule, you would always want to pick all 3 spells at level 3, and not upskill the same spell twice. This mostly applies to top-laners and mid laners, since the fight between the-laners mostly start at level 3, and you would want all 3 spells during the fight.

TIP #8 (Advanced Tip):

When pressing the button for a specific ability, there is a fraction of a second that the ability will trigger in the game. That fraction of a second can be very useful against champions that have an escape ability. For example, the Lee Sin ultimate, the player presses the R button and the kick actually imply 0.15 seconds after the initial activate. This means that the Lee Sin player can actually kick and then flash towards a direction, in order to kick the enemy champion towards somewhere more useful (for example your teammates).

Another example is Zed. If you use shadow slash and then immediately use living shadow afterwards, then the shadow slash will be implied for both yourself and the shadow, even though the shadow slash were used first. This is again due to the trigger point of the spell. Living shadow has a lower trigger point than shadow slash, therefore, it is possible to first use shadow slash before living shadow. Again this tip is very useful for escape champions like Ezreal, Le Blanc and so on.

TIP #9:

Do not be a one-trick pony. We’ve all seen that guy who includes ‘Rengar’ in his name, and can simply only play him, and no one else, and as soon as he finds out that Rengar is banned, he is completely useless. As a general rule you would want to main two positions, and an alternative position if you didn’t get the desired position at champion select. You would also want to have 3 main champions for each position. Those champions should be mastered in every way, in order for you to carry with those champions. Mastering a champion doesn’t mean that you have to play the champion a lot, but go in details. Details about the stat growth of the champion through the game, another detail you should be mastering are how the attack animation of the champion is executed, so you interrupt some certain abilities due to auto hitting.

TIP #10:

This tip is mostly for 5v5 teams since this can’t really be appointed in Solo Que low Elo.

Mostly try to engage a fight if you see someone from enemy team split pushing. You guys have the advantage of a 5v4 situation and if you don’t benefit from the advantage then the split pusher keeps on granting gold for his team and destroying turrets, granting them a huge advantage.

Last Tip:


Memorize the list:

league of legends tips

Summoner Spells:

Flash: 5 minutes (4.25 minutes with Insight)

Teleport: 5 minutes or 3.30 min if canceled, (4.25 minutes with insight or 2.83 minutes if canceled with insight)

Exhaust/Ghost/Barrier/Ignite: 3.5 minutes (2.97 minutes with Insight)

Heal: 4 minutes (3.4 minutes with Insight)


league of legend tips

Good luck on the Rift.

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