Virtual Reality Headset: Oculus Rift Vs. HTC Vive


  1. I would actually say it is a tie… But yes in a current state I would go with HTC vive. Like it is so much more beneficial and you can move freely. Hate the price though, and I have to pay for a new graphic card as well. Anyways pretty sure Oculus Rift headset will beat HTC vive in a year?

  2. The biggest reason to pick Vive for me is the fact that Oculus is pursuing exclusivity deals. We don’t need the console business model on PC and this cancer needs to be killed before it spreads. I don’t what to have to purchase multiple HMDs if my current one has all the hardware required to play a game. If I am unable to play a game because of a legal deal instead of missing hardware features then I will never support that company and no PC gamer should. Winner Vive, hands down, for having the spirit of PC gaming and not console gaming.

    • A million times this. VR is already a hard enough sell until the titles start to roll in. The last thing we need is artificial market segmentation designed to remove the choice of hardware through the strong arming of software availability. PC does not need this console centric backwards thinking.

      For their behavior alone I refuse to buy or even consider a Rift.

        • Agree with you totally Raze, we don’t need this bullshit on PC. Someone saying they’re picking up a vive over oculus for this reason alone would suffice for me. Plus, I’m too heavy into steam to want another platform, I have games on origin and uplay and barely play them.

    • Stop hating so much on Oculus. It might be a bad product now in its current state, but facebook can actually save everything for Oculus rift as well. Remember how much power facebook actually has, and also if they actually hear out the fans about the exclusive products they might do a different stradegy? Or am I wrong guys?

      • Are you saying that we should embrace the current model instead of hating of it and they will change their strategy? I don’t get the logic here.

  3. There are new games appearing on steam every day for the Vive. I would not say oculus has an advantage in this category. So far most of the oculus exclusive games, except luckys tail, have had a meh response. People want room scale and motion controllers. I have a Vive, its amazing. Ive only had it a week and i cant possibly imagine having anywhere near as good an experience if there were no motion controls and i was forced to sit and use a gamepad. Oculus screwed up big time.

    You want games for Vive?

    The Lab, Space Pirate Trainer, Fantastic Contraption, Job Sim, Budget Cuts, Brookhaven Experiment, Call of Starseed, Hover Junkers, Vanishing Realms, and my favorite AUDIOSHIELD

  4. The best virtual reality headset is Vive, BUT only at its current moment. But I hope they will develop more virtual reality headsets like Vive and Oculus Rift. Since I am actually not that much of a fan of those two. Also yes, facebook kinda ruins the virtual reality headset experience.

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