Best Gaming Chair – Buyer’s Guide (August-2017)

People often think that buying the best gaming chair, will improve their in-game performance. This is obviously not the case. Improvement in your gaming skills can only come from dedication and training. Keep in mind that only some minor improvements can be attributed to your hardware. A great gaming chair for your gaming sessions can […]

Best Headphones for Gaming

Best Headphones for Gaming 2017

A lot of people ask the question, “how can I experience immersive gaming?” Well, that is actually easy; all you need is the best gaming headset for you because nothing beats the experience of hearing the game audio right from a sound source that is close to your ear. Now, you might be thinking of […]

Crucial MX300 2TB SATA SSD gaming

Best SSDs For Gaming PC 2017 – Buying Guide

Gamers nowadays want better performance from their gaming devices. When it comes to PC gaming, they want the best graphics cards and the best CPUs to stay on top of the game. But, one important thing that you should also factor in is the storage drive you’re using. HDDs are ubiquitous and were once the […]

samsung tv

Best TVs for Gaming 2017 – Monitor vs TV

New gaming consoles can deliver such stunning imagery and graphics that you would have never imagined. To compliment your game console, you must have a TV that not only has a low input lag but it also has to have the technologies necessary for those gorgeous eye candies to pop. In this article, I am […]

asus gaming router

Best cheap Routers for Gaming 2017

There are a lot of popular games that require internet connection nowadays. Back then, you only play competitive multiplayer matches via LAN events but now, the stage is bigger because anyone with the same game and an internet connection can compete. With the proliferation of online games, your internet connection is now an integral part […]

HT Omega Claro Halo gaming soundcard

Best Sound Cards for Your Gaming PC 2017

The sound that comes from your games is important because it is one-half of the gaming experience. Now, most motherboards come with built-in audio and they have come a very long way. Back in the day, hissing and other audio distortions are present due to what is known as RFI or “Radio Frequency Interference”. Motherboards […]

external gpu

Best cheap External GPUs 2017

When you ask people if you like to play on a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop, people are divided. Yes, gaming desktop PCs are much more powerful in specs but gaming laptops are not too far behind. Gaming laptops also give you the ability to play anywhere mainly because of their portability. Some people […]

Sony VPL-VW300ES gaming projector

Best Projectors for Gaming 2017

In a world where entertainment is vast and TVs are plenty, most people do not look at anywhere else. Although TVs do a really good job of providing you with a good display, people never really thought of using a projector. Read our guide on the best gaming chairs. Why is that? Well, projectors are […]

In-Depth Streaming Guide For PC

Do you frequently visit sites like Twitch or Youtube Gaming? If so, you’re probably aware that both of the sites have a lot of game streamers. What are game streamers? Well, they are people who stream their gaming content live for you to watch. A few years ago, streaming is not something people engage in […]

langria gaming chairs

Top 3 Budget Gaming Chairs

Top 3 Gaming Chairs With Different Ergonomic Designs Gaming chairs are the amazing product of the mother of all inventions. Because of the popularity of PC and Console gaming, many teenagers and some adults have long been suffering from physical pains. Long hours of hardcore gaming can result to back pain, sore butt, and numb […]

merax gaming chair review

Gaming Chair Review: Merax Executive Swivel Office

Product Description If you want to invest your money with a gaming chair, you must consider something more functional than other gaming chairs. Why not try Merax Executive Swivel Office/Gaming Chair This gaming and office chair is designed with a sports car seat look. While most gaming chairs might also look like that, the special […]

e-blue chair review

Gaming Chair Review: E-Blue Autoza Gaming

Product Description If you are a hardcore gamer, chances are, you will be spending a lot of your time in your chair. So, it is important to have one that is both comfortable and functional. One of the best solutions to that is the E-Blue Auroza Gaming Chair. This product from E Blue is an […]

dxracer doh series

Gaming Chair Review: DXRacer DOH/RE0 Gaming Chair

Product Description For the people who have a lifestyle of a hardcore gamer, having the best gaming chair could also mean victory in every game that they play. You don’t want to lose a game just because your chair is not comfortable enough. With this said, it is highly recommended that you must choose a […]

Ergonomic gaming chair

Gaming Chair Review: The Ergo Human

Product Description People vary in preference. Not only that, they also vary in body type and structure. Furthermore, the office or house demands different set up of furniture on different situations. This is what the Ergo Human is special about. When they made this chair, they considered this issue. If you are too tall, some […]

gaming computer chair

Gaming Chair Review: Steelcase Gesture

Product Description When it comes to choosing the right chair for you, you must consider the qualities of a well-crafted piece of engineering just like some of the best gaming chair. It means that the chair must be strong, comfortable, and versatile altogether. With this, it is just fair if we take a look at […]

ultimate gaming chair

Gaming Chair Review: SAYL By Herman Miller

Product Description The office/gaming chairs are designed to give people comfort and a sense of elegance, a feeling of being professional. If we will talk about those kinds of qualities, it is almost impossible to not regard yourself as someone who is important whenever you sit on this particular chair. It’s like having the executive […]

ikea markus gaming chair for pc

Gaming Chair Review: IKEA MARKUS

Product Description One of the qualities of the Best gaming chair is comfort and sometimes, affordability. Either way, it still depends on the preference of the users themselves. However, there is also a good gaming chair that has both these qualities. Whether it’s for your office, gaming, or your home, IKEA MARKUS Chair is perfect […]

gaming accessories

The Best Accessories For Console Gaming

Though a barebones console with a couple of controllers is perfectly fine for the casual gamer, many of us prefer to invest a bit more heavily into our gaming sessions. From headsets to charging kits and media remotes to specialized controllers, there are plenty of accessories that console gamers might want to get their hands […]