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The Best Accessories For Console Gaming

Though a barebones console with a couple of controllers is perfectly fine for the casual gamer, many of us prefer to invest a bit more heavily into our gaming sessions. From headsets to charging kits and media remotes to specialized controllers, there are plenty of accessories that console gamers might want to get their hands on. You may also check out the following link about The Best PS4 Stand available. Today we will be focusing on just a few of the best accessories for the PS4 and Xbox One which may enhance your gaming experience, depending on your preferences.

For the Xbox One

Since announcing its latest console, Microsoft has been trying to position it as an all-around entertainment center not limited to just video games. Though its release was certainly bumpy, the Xbox One is now on a balanced pace that should please most fans.

Elite Controller

When Microsoft announced the $150 controller, the question on everyone’s minds was whether they could justify the price or not. From the very beginning, the company made it clear that the Elite was not meant for the mainstream market as the standard Xbox One controller is more than capable of handling everyday gaming. However, those who already spent their money on controller customizations should definitely consider Microsoft’s own offering. The Elite is incredibly comfortable, it offers an abundance of customization options, and looks absolutely fantastic. For those who liked the overall feel and look of the standard controller but felt like something was missing, the Elite will fill that void in a heartbeat. Of course, the price is still very steep so you may want to wait for a better deal.

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x box one extra controller

Play and Charge Kit

If you ask me, the Xbox One’s Play and Charge Kit should have been included in the main package. The kit, which includes a rechargeable battery pack and a long USB cable, is absolutely essential for anyone who spends time with their console. Replacing standard batteries all the time is a hassle and will most likely cost you more in the long run.

Venom Twin Charging Cradle

On a similar vein, this docking station/charging cradle might be an even better choice for some gamers. The cradle not only lets you charge two controllers at the same time but also comes with two battery packs in the box. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to play while charging but it is very unlikely that you will encounter a battery problem as long as you remember to rest your controllers on the charging cradle. What makes it even better is that it costs even less than the Play and Charge kit.

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xbox one charging station

Digital TV Tuner

For those that want to cut the cable away but would still like to use their TV for something other than gaming, Microsoft’s official TV tuner offers a decent solution. With smart TV-like features such as live pause and a good-looking panel of show information, the tuner is a good investment. Furthermore, you will also be able to stream video to other devices while playing video games.


An incredible niche item, the chatpad is an insanely convenient accessory for anyone who regularly types on the Xbox One. As I could never get comfortable with entering characters from a controller, the chatpad is a neat alternative though it definitely takes some getting used to. Moreover, most packages include a basic headset so you could be scoring two birds with one stone.

For the PS4

Sony learned a lot from its mistakes during the launch of the PS3 so the release of the PS4 did almost everything right. Since then, Sony has delivered on most of its promises and its latest console remains an extremely attractive piece of tech with some excellent games.

FPS Freek Phantom

When you are an FPS player, going from a PC to a console is quite jarring. Though a controller may never offer the same level of accuracy as a competitive gaming mouse, the Freek Phantom stick mods will help you increase your accuracy with a better grip and a higher, more controllable sensitivity.

Grip-It and SquidGrip

If you do not care about improving your accuracy and dislike Freek Phantom’s increased heights for the stick mods then the Grip-It mods may be the answer you were looking for. On a similar note, the SquidGrip not only offers better grip but it’s also the ideal solution for sweaty hands. The company also says that the grips are anti-microbial which is definitely a good thing to have on a controller.

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ps4 controller add ons

Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Sony definitely won the headset game as the official Gold headset has actually gathered extremely good reviews from both critics and everyday buyers. The quality of the build and sound are both top notch while the headset feels quite comfortable. The only problem may be that users are reporting a lot of wear and tear after a couple months of use so you will need to take extra good care of the headset.

PowerA Charging Station

As you probably already know, the PS4 can only charge the controllers while it is in use or in Rest mode. This cheap charging station will simply allow you to charge the controllers while you are not using them. It looks good and works well though the build is a bit flimsy. At the end of the day, if you find that your controllers are constantly in need of charging then you cannot go wrong with this charging station.

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charging station for ps4 controller

PlayStation TV

With the reduced price point, the PS TV is now a pretty decent gadget depending on your needs. If you have a second screen and long Ethernet cable or very strong Wi-Fi then you can easily play your PS4 games on a second screen of the house without moving the console around. Furthermore, the PlayStation Now streaming service will let you play a considerable range of PS Vita, PSP, and PS 1 games on your screen. Unfortunately, support for popular streaming services is currently very limited.

Accessories to consider for both consoles

I purposefully left out several accessories that are popular for both consoles because they are either more niche or do not offer a lot of benefits for everyone. For instance, many people still don’t know that eBay and Amazon are the perfect places to get some stickers, decals, and third-party covers for both consoles at extremely low prices.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to invest in a new HDD, especially if you own the early versions of these consoles with only 500GB of storage. Instead of buying drives specifically made for the Xbox One or PS4, however, you are much better off reading a guide on how to install external HDDs in order to save some money.
The final accessory that everyone should know about is the Collective Minds CronusMaxPlus. The dongle will let you use your PS4 controller on Xbox One and vice versa, customize your controller buttons, and add external peripherals like a gaming mouse or keyboard. Though it is a considerable investment at $60, it can be a fantastic addition to your gaming arsenal.

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