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Top 3 Budget Gaming Chairs

Top 3 Gaming Chairs With Different Ergonomic Designs

Gaming chairs are the amazing product of the mother of all inventions. Because of the popularity of PC and Console gaming, many teenagers and some adults have long been suffering from physical pains. Long hours of hardcore gaming can result to back pain, sore butt, and numb thighs. While some might say that excessive playing of the computer is the reason behind those problems, gamers are pointing the blame to their chairs. Thus, the necessity for gaming chairs has been given birth.
The best perk of having a gaming chair is the feeling of comfort whenever you sit on them. The first thing you would do after a long gaming session is probably to just sit there to savor your sweet victory. However, if you lose, you can just lean on that comfortable backrest, adjust the tilt, breathe out the stress, and relax for a minute.
The primary function of gaming chairs is to give maximum convenience and comfort to the user. Basically, manufacturers call this feature as “Ergonomic Design”. Ergonomics is a science that deals with designing or arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely. Every gaming chair in the market today has a unique ergonomic design. It would be a bewildering task to choose one from all of these chairs. So, to help the gamers choose the one that is best for them, here are the top 3 ergonomic gaming chairs in the market today.

1. Arrozzi Enzo Gaming Chair (Price Range: $149.99 – $249.99)


This product is one of the coolest racing-style gaming chairs. It is built with well-crafted ergonomic structure. Looking at its design, you can immediately notice the high-quality paddings in the backrest, seat, and armrests. These additional features will help the gamer feel the comfort of sitting on leather couches. So, it can prevent back pains and butt sores even after long hours of gaming sessions.

The sides of the backrest are a little bit hunched to embrace the body shape of the user. This will let you sink in the backrest whenever you want to just relax and lean further on it . The same principle is used in the seat where it gives you a fixed sitting position to achieve better posture.

Recline, height, and armrests adjustability are incredible. It has an easy control and lockable features for the height and tilts that you can reach the bottom of the seat. This is to achieve better angles in front of the computer. The armrest could be adjusted upward, downward, and sideways. It is light-weight as compared to other gaming chairs despite its sturdy metal frame. The nylon wheels and the class-4 gas lift are additional durability factor to the chair.

2. Langria Office Mesh Office Gaming Chair (Price Range: $140 – $200)

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Some gamers are uncomfortable sitting on leather chairs. One solution to that is the ergonomic design of Langria Office Mesh Office Gaming Chair. Some office chairs like this one offer a mesh type backrest. This means that air can freely flow in the backrest. Many users prefer these types because they want a more breathable backrest.
Although it is originally used for offices, its structure is still perfect for gaming. The extended backrest can support taller gamers just like any other gaming chairs. It has the shape of racing car seats, so you will still feel that kind of gaming hype when you sit on one of these. The curves are made to match the body shape of the users. The seat has a fabric cushion that is very comfortable. It has also flexible features such as backrest tilt and height adjustment.

3. Homall Speed Series Racing Chair (Price Range: $160 – $200)

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The Homall Leather Gaming Chair has a PU leather surface including the armrest. It’s very good for the skin to have a comfortable seating experience. The backrest recline is the same with every gaming chair but it has the shape that provides lateral support to the user. Plus, it has backrest tilt mechanism which is resistance adjustable to individual body weight. The armrests are unique in this chair because they are attached to the backrest perfectly leveled for your arms and shoulders.

This chair is much lighter than other gaming chairs that allow you to easily glide around your room. It can swivel by 360 degrees. It has an adjustable seat height from 18 inches up to 21 inches to give the user different viewing angles in front of the computer. There is also a safety feature in this. It has a breaking mechanism as you stand to hinder unwanted movements in it. Then the casters will unlock when pressure is applied or when you sit on it.

Ergonomics Means Comfort, Convenience, and Success!

Bottom line: gaming chairs are created for comfort. You should look for one that maximizes your comfort and convenience and not just all about outline and style. These three are just a few of the gaming chairs that offer high-quality ergonomic design. It will still depend on your preference on what will suit your needs as a gamer. However, don’t forget to take advantage of the benefits of gaming chairs to your health and also your budget.

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