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Upcoming Games January 2016

These are the upcoming games in January 2016. All the games are not listed, but the games with decent authority or games which are available through many platforms. Some Indie games are not listed as well. Note that this doesn’t show the most anticipated games nor do they show the most recognized ones, but simply the upcoming games in this month.

GameTitleRelease DayPlatformQuick Description
assasins creed chroniclesAssassin's Creed Chronicles: IndiaJanuary 12.Win, PS4, Xbox OneA part of trilogy pack with
gone home release dateGone HomeJanuary 12.PS4, Xbox OneA first-person interactive storytelling adventure game. The events is set in 1995.
the banner saga release dateThe Banner SagaJanuary 12.PS4, Xbox OneA strategic viking based tactical role-playing game.
dragons dogma dark arisen release dateDragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenJanuary 15.WinA japanese action role-playing video game by the infamous Capcom.
resident evil hd remastered release dateResident Evil ZeroJanuary 15.Win, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox OneA japanese survival horror game, developed by Capcom.
homeworld deserts of kharak release dateHomeworld: Deserts of KharakJanuary 20.WinA PC game based on real-time strategy.
lego marvel avengers release dateLego Marvel's AvengersJanuary 26.Win, PS3, PS4, PSVita, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox OneAn action-adventure lego game based on Marvel's Avengers
the witness release dateThe WitnessJanuary 26.Win, iOS, PS4A 3D puzzle game inspired by the game Myst.
Rise of the Tomb RaiderRise of the Tomb RaiderJanuary 28.WinA action-adventure game to the follow up of Tomb Raider
bombshell release dateBombshellJanuary 29.WinA Isometric RPG action game with the use of Unreal Engine.
this-war-of-mine-release-dateThis War of Mine: The Little OnesJanuary 29.PS4, Xbox OneA survival war game, focusing on protecting the little ones.

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