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2015 was a great year for MMORPGs, and we can definitely expect 2016 to surpass it, that’s a given. With many of the current MMO titles reaching their open beta or full release status, we can see their final state at long last, but at the same time, we can easily appreciate the upcoming MMORPG releases for the next year. With that in mind, we have created a list that includes the best MMORPG 2016 has to offer, all while understanding more about these games, how they can be played and what they deliver.

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Blade And Soul

wallpaper_blade_and_soul- MMORPG Games

Blade & Soul is one of the gorgeous looking MMORPG games. The game is expected to be released January 19. 2016. Blade & Soul is developed by NCSOFT and the crew has been working on it since September 13. 2012. So the game is highly anticipated and many MMORPG players predict that this game will be one of the biggest MMORPG of 2016, and it will even grow bigger for each year.

Blade & Soul combines martial arts and the unique Qinggong, which is a traditional Baguazhan act of combat. Players create their customized character and dives into the content-rich world of Blade & Soul, which offers PvE and PvP environment. According to the crew, the game will provide a huge portion of customizing so the game feels different for each player. There are four playable races based on the Qilin, the dragoon, the turtle and the Phoenix, also called the four benevolent animals. All races have their own presets and skills, also, their body-type and HUD differs from race to race.

The game uses a real-time combat system, in person camera view. The combat system is depending on the skill of the individual player and most importantly how they choose to execute their combo. The combo system of the game is very crucial for the PvE world while the movement and timing skills will be tested in the PvP world. Note that PvP might not be available at first release. The crew wants to maximize the potential of PvP therefore, they will release it later, and while updating the PvP system, players has the time to farm for items to be strong enough for PvP.


Lineage Eternal


Even if Lineage II is still played in quite a lot of locations all over the world, the developers want to keep things fresh and deliver a new iteration. The game was already released in the Asian regions it targeted, but the western release is far away yet sources state that this is the best MMORPG 2016 has to offer, hinting that this might be the year when the game finally releases worldwide.

When it comes to how the game is played, you can see this as a blend between Diablo III and the MMO genre since it brings a wide range of features from that game all while adding in the social experience that you would actually expect from a game of its caliber.

They added a hot bar skill feature that makes it very easy for you to engage enemies and which also delivers a more action-oriented experience. At the same time, they also integrated a unique focus on the MMO aspect, making the user genuinely care about the other persons he plays with because they can help in battle.

Even if the game can be soloed, you will still need people to play with if you really want a good experience all around, so you should totally keep that in mind. They want to focus on PVP which is definitely an amazing thing on its own, all while offering stuff like randomized and dynamic dungeons, large towns, cloud service for the mobile users and major bosses. This is one of the upcoming MMORPG that you do need to keep an eye out because it can definitely become one of the most important titles in the genre. Even if the release is a little far away right now, rest assured that this is one of those games that will definitely deliver a stellar set of experiences so you should totally keep that in mind.




Bless is a wonderful, upcoming MMORPG titles that can definitely become the ultimate MMORPG 2016 has to offer, but it all comes down to how it can turn out. Bless Online delivers a wide range of game worlds that you can explore and the performance of the game is very good even on the older systems which are always a major plus.

Another interesting thing to check out is the uniquely dedicated system that delivers a wide range of exploratory bonuses and at the end of the day, the experience is more than solid because of that. I appreciate the fact that they offer cool features such as great combat mechanics and a wide range of dungeon difficulty modes. They also deliver a stellar quest system that’s similar to what we saw before but which guides you naturally throughout the story, which is something that unfortunately we can’t really find on the local market.

Character customization is very good here and the interface is where the developers spent a lot of work, but, in the end, the experience is created with ease of use in mind and it really shows how much attention to detail they managed to obtain from everything you can find here. Remember that while the game is  offering mostly a great set of tools, it also manages to offer you a unique and exciting way to explore the game world in all of its glory. You really feel like a part of an open, large world and combining strength with other people in order to defeat a wide range of monsters doesn’t really sound like something hard to do. The game is set to release at some point in 2016 and while it does have a little bit to go, it plays really well right now and the reality is that the devs do listen to the gamers that try this title, so it has improved even during the limited beta that they delivered recently. We can expect great things from this game, and this is why I consider it the MMORPG 2016 to look out for!


Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade


With a whole lot of fame behind it, the Warhammer 40k world will enter a great new and exciting adventure thanks to this great upcoming MMORPG. This particular game is going to be a buy to play title but there will be a free yet limited version that will allow you to play as an orc. The interesting thing about this title is that it allows you to select one of the four factions available and pursue quests and challenges for it as you try to make it the leader of this massive game world.

The game includes stuff like massive battles that are required in order to see which clan owns a specific planet as well as territory control that will make the entire game experience action packed and filled with tons of cool bonuses as you go along.

As you can expect, the 40k lore does integrate here as the characters will have a very interesting, refined upgrade system that really works and which will deliver an amazing value as you go along.

Since this is a Warhammer 40k game at its core you can definitely expect a bloodbath of melee weapons, but there will also be plenty of guns and heavy vehicles that you can choose from as you see fit. From missions to PVP attacks and so on, there will be quite a lot of stuff to do and it all comes down to you to find the type of experience that you want! An important thing to note is that there won’t be any crafting involved but stuff like ammo, health packs and weapon upgrades will be available.


Albion Online


This game is one of the upcoming MMORPG titles that has been in development for quite some time but it can deliver an amazing set of gameplay mechanics still. The idea of locking it behind a paywall and making it buy to play instead of playing it for free was announced fairly recently for this title and as long as it can fund the game to make it as good as possible it’s quite good.

The game is a medieval world with a lot of crafting and combat involved, but at its core is designed with the focus of delivering you maybe one of the best and most exciting ways to relive the medieval times while also creating your own path. Albion Online features around 800 different territories, complete PVP support, as well as a wide range of crafting opportunities, all of which combined can deliver an extraordinary experience. This is a great MMORPG thanks to the attention to detail and the historical accuracy, but it also manages to impress with the deep character customization and all the other tools that add up to deliver insane results in the long run.


ARK Survival Evolved


Even if it’s in Steam Early Access for close to a year now, the title does have a little more to go until it reaches it full release which is expected during the summer. What makes this great MMORPG 2016 one of the best upcoming MMORPG titles this year is the fact that it focuses on a multiplayer cooperation but also competition.

Being able to play in a world filled with dinosaurs also has its perks and appeal, that’s for sure and the simple fact that the island is very large and you can tame most of the wild animals manages to make the gameplay very alert and fun. People can create tribes and engage one another in huge battles, so this can really showcase a very interesting and action packed set of game mechanics which you need to expect from this title.

Stuff like wildlife, a volatile weather system, freezing nights, research technology, hunting, crafting and so on has already been added to the game and multiple new, interesting types of animals are added all the time. Even if you purchase the game now this is a sound investment because the game is continually updated and you always receive new content, so that’s a great way to spend a few bucks if you want to play online.


Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov-upcoming games

It might sound like yet another survival game, but while it pertains to the genre it does integrate some new mechanics. It’s basically a shooter that does involve crafting and tons of missions. You can easily solo this game if you so desire, but the idea is to survive the deadly hazards in the game, explore the city and peruse it as you see fit, all while making sure that you can deliver that massive blow that you always wanted. The game is a demanding one since it requires strategy and a lot of attention to the stuff you do, but the fact that it offers so much customization and a massive city to explore while trying to stay alive is definitely going to keep your heart rate pumping for quite some time.


Kingdom under Fire II


The original Kingdom under Fire was a great game and this upcoming MMORPG is surely building on that in order to deliver an even better experience. It’s basically a combination of RTS and RPG but at the same time, it does integrate a few cool ideas from other genres in order to form a truly interesting and unique type of gameplay.

The focus on this particular, second iteration of the game is to add in some great MMORPG 2016 features into the title. Connecting with others, forming alliances and coordinating attacks are only a few of the many things you can do in this game. Combine that with the three factions and three classes, around 100 types of troops and the stunning RTS combat then you will see that this great MMORPG is definitely going to become one of the titles in which you will burn out quite a lot of time this year.


No Man’s Sky


A game that has been in development hell for a few years now but which is going to be released in June 2016. As you might already know, this title is all about exploring a procedurally generated world where exploration and survival are mandatory if you want to stay alive. You can easily explore trillions of planets and engage into one of the many challenges that you can find there. Each planet has a different take on atmosphere, animals, and other features, and the cool thing is that you can easily claim a planet and name it as you see fit.

You can travel from a planet to another if you so desire, engage with enemies and level up, but you can also just explore the world in a peaceful manner. The reigns are entirely in your hands when it comes to this upcoming MMORPG and it all comes down to you to choose how you want to play it.

With so many MMORPG 2016 games coming this year, you definitely have a lot of options when it comes to spending your online gaming time. Even if there are countless other titles coming out this year, this upcoming MMORPG list includes only the cream of the crop, so if you have the time we do recommend you to give these a shot as you will be more than happy with the way the games are created and how fun the entire experience really is. Just try them out and you will love the results for sure.

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