Virtual Reality Guide


  1. I’d say I go with the oculus rift. HTC vive is great but it is definitely expensive. On the other hand Oculus does the same thing for 599 Dollars. The only problem with Oculus Rift is that it has so bad privacy, it shares the content with facebook…

  2. Very good guide for virtual reality headset, and also very informative when it comes to choosing graphic card for virtual reality. I love how there is a guide that finally included other ATI graphic cards and not just the same Nvidia cards. Recommendable! definitely.

  3. This should be essential to the VR industry. I mean this clarifies pretty much everything, although I would like to know more about everything else than just Oculus Rift and HTC vive. But definitely great, and helpful when it comes to choosing the right graphic card for VR.

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